Why join the Create Prima Research Community?

Finding a suitable cohort is a tedious process. Joining our platform and using our search tools will simplify this procedure.


breaking down the number of data enormously with generic inclusion/exclusion criteria (e.g. age, gender)


with targeted search terms identifying a suitable cohort.


only a comparatively small amount of data has to be validated with a validation tool which supports the decision making process.


the end result is a clear table of count for each search term and individual to lay the fondation to apply further statistical analyses.

Entry points:

  • Archive entry (documents)
  • Laboratory entry (lab values)
  • Global entry (archive + laboratory)

Search Approach:

  • finding inidividuals with the most hits (e.g. for interventional studies)
  • finding all individuals connected to the search terms (e.g. retrospective studies)